Golden Boy – The Anime about Being Intelligent

Kintarou Ooe travels the land to freely study the ways of life. A very general and independent school of learning he’s made up for himself and you may wonder what lessons does he learn? Well, depending on where life takes him or, should I say, depending on the next attractive babe he lays his eyes on; he’ll usually find the job that’ll bring him closest to them. In a way, I think he sees it as motivation to be able to stare at sexy girls whilst learning about whatever it is he happens to be doing. 

Whether he’s learning about computers, animation, or cooking he does so to better understand the people behind these jobs and, in return, he uses his understanding of these skills and through action he presents better methods of mastering them. Instead of criticizing their work using words and such. Because I think we all know that while we can use words to critique something it doesn’t mean people will be understanding of said words. You can’t tell someone “hey, this’ll be better if you do it this way” because, to them, you might come off as pretentious or, in Kintarou’s case, you might be seen as someone who doesn’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. To summarize, he learns on the job. He improves it. Finally, he moves on to the next one and does it all over again.

And yeah, there’s always some sort of subplot with the woman he encounters in each episode and these are usually the same people he happens to help out. But, as far as i’m concerned, they are just there. Like, I don’t find fondness in any of them in particular. They’re mainly there for fan-service if anything. Which is fine, y’know? But, like, every girl has their spotlight. Doesn’t mean they’re the focal point of the anime. I think the way he treats them is indicative of who he really is and, thus, is way more important than the girls themselves. Because he has created a type of persona that makes him seem, dare I say, autistic. The ridiculous faces he makes, the perverted movements and the way he slurs his words shows this. My understanding of this fictitious caricature he has created is to open up opportunities that he wouldn’t have otherwise. “A genius hidden in the skin of a neanderthal”, you might say. Anyone remember Tobi from Naruto?

Anyways, I don’t entirely believe his persona is fake. He just doesn’t present his actual way of thinking upfront and exaggerates his feelings, to an extent. Like how he’s horny all the time. It’s not like he’s incapable of holding himself back- and shit he has! This man gets the opportunity to fuck a handful of beautiful women but he chooses not to. This is where I was getting at. He’s arguably a pretty perverted guy. But he’s still a good guy. In the sense that he isn’t gonna have sex with any women just because they get his gears turning. Even if they offered. Probably because he doesn’t feel the same way. If he were to genuinely fall in love I am sure he would settle down and engage in heterosexual intercourse with one of the many beautiful women he encounters along the way. Or in the language of my people: fuck their brains out. But learning about life is his calling. Sure, he could have one night stands. However, that doesn’t seem to be how he rolls. He respects these women too much to do something like that to them. Especially to women who has fallen in love with him. And I definitely respect my boy Kintarou for that. 

However, that’s, like, the entire anime. Nothing really happened, y’know? One glorified theme is not what I look for in anime and while Kintarou’s a cool dude I can’t say I care at all for who he is and what he does. My time would’ve been better spent on an actual story than an overly long anecdote that taught me nothing, really. The animation studio episode (the last one) was really cool, though. Makes me want to learn a little more about the specifics of how animation studios operate. I think Shirobako is the anime for that but… I guess i’m kind of saving that for another time. 


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