That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Pre-Show – Episode 1 Analysis

I’m gonna try and do this thing where I talk about specific shows I may or may not wanna do full videos of in review. I’m gonna use the blog as a pre-show of sorts. Every week I talk about the show and analyze the newest episode. By the end of it, I compile all my thoughts and put them into video form. If I don’t drop the show first. I guess it’ll be a little redundant for you guys but I think it’ll help me a lot and, who knows, maybe it’ll be funny hearing my opinion beforehand and seeing how it transforms by the end of the series.

So, already I don’t like this. First of all, the entire episode was a huge exposition dump that didn’t need to happen. But before I go on this tangent I wanna explain my POV of what light-novel adaptations are. I see them and on paper they always seem very fucking interesting. Because I visualize them in my head and I think a lot of people do this and they see how it can be very interesting. I mean just looking at the OP I saw the protagonist and the way he fights is exactly how I imagined he would and I thought it was fucking amazing! The OP has great animation and choreography. But the thing is, like, these are ideas from people like you and me. Who have these extraordinary ideas in mind and want to apply them within a storied setting. The problem is that light-novels are inherently not well thought out. At least, to my knowledge light-novels are more so a quick buck and an easy way to get your story out there. That’s just the way Japan has portrayed them and in terms of anime adaptations they are easy to milk.

So far the adaptations I’ve seen have been true to form. Almost all of them have the same idea with the exception of specific intricacies like “being transported to another world as a slime” or “as a demon lord” or “as a toothpick”. The way stories are constructed are very similar. Often have a game-like vibe. But enough of that. I have to talk about the show.

So, the main character’s a prick. I know the slime is supposed to “sort of” be portrayed as a whole different person than who he was in the real world. But that doesn’t change what he said on his deathbed. That is him telling his younger co-worker to “wipe his hard drive”. Look, I am all about making jokes on my deathbed. If I don’t then something is seriously wrong. But that’s just because i’m also sort of a prick. This guy, though, is 10x worse because he was serious. He was dying and was worried about something as stupid, inane, idiotic, ridiculous, disgusting and absurd as this! I was genuinely nauseous. A little worried I was gonna throw up, in fact. And like… I don’t know. I just wish when a show like this is made that they put effort into presenting it not so much like a hokey fan-fiction and more like a fucking story about real people. Hey! You can say all sorts of shit about SAO but at least they got the atmosphere right. At least, at first.

Anyways, there’s this weird Japanese Alexa sounding thing telepathically talking to our MC like a pop-up in a video game and I hate her. First of all, the first thing she does is not play Despacito. Second of all, she lists out all these skills when she doesn’t need to. like, just show the skills. Maybe it’s about setting it up so that it doesn’t look like bullshit later. But she was listing out an awful lot of things that I expected of a slime in the first place. Yeah, I expected him to have heat resistance and physical damage resistances. And all sorts of resistances. Not so sure about cold resistance but whatever the point is I do not care for Alexa. I know she’s just giving him skills based on his thoughts. Like, how he mentions feeling cold “oh here’s cold resistance”. And this is a way to set him up as stupidly overpowered but… Why? Dumb idea. And I know it’ll be reoccurring. 

Okay, so we’re a slime now and i’m all about feeling around and making sense of what’s going on. But he’s just asking Alexa questions and he’s giving him answers we already know. So, i’m just sitting here gaining absolutely nothing from this. It’d be a lot more amusing if he could pick up on these things himself as it fumbles around. Like, if he can digest something then why isn’t he able to analyze it for himself instead of asking Alexa? Also, he turns the plants into potions in his stomach. How? Like, can he just make glass bottles? Is he able to break down the properties of the plant into a liquidated state? How does he even know to do this? All questions that probably won’t get answered. He falls into water and ingests water to propel himself backwards. Which is fine, Alexa! Not everything has to be a fucking skill you annoying bitch!

He, then, meets the storm dragon and he can’t see him because he can’t sense “magicules”. Alexa grants him this ability. I was willing to accept just giving him every ability in the fucking world while he was dying because I had assumed that was how this works but if Alexa is just gonna give him the necessary abilities every time he encounters an obstacle then this is gonna be a very fucking boring anime. We established that there are other people like him and, for all I know, they also have Alexa giving them abilities. What would a fight between them be like?

Fighter 1: “Damn this guy haS penetrating-heat attacks! My heat resistance doesn’t work”!
Alexa: “Penetrating-heat resistance ability acquired”.
Fighter 2: “Huh? My penetrating-heat resistance isn’t penetrating his heat resistance?”
Alexa: “Double heat penetrating ability acquired”.
Fighter 1: “Alexa, just give me heat immunity”.
Alexa: “Heat immunity ability acquired”.
Fighter 2: “Alexa, give me the ability to penetrate heat immunity”.
Alexa: ” Heat immunity break ability acquired”.

…I can already see it. Yeah, there’s no way this magic system ends up making sense. Episode 1 and we already wrote ourselves into a dead end. Here’s the thing about overpowered main characters. I like the idea. He’s a slime. I like the way he fights based on the OP. I like the fact that he basically has a pet dragon. And overpowered or not, there are ways to present new challenges to an otherwise unbeatable main character. They do it all the time with heroes from comics. The problem is it clearly isn’t presented in a way that sets up these expectations. If the MC can’t do something. Alexa will make sure he’ll be able to do it. The characters don’t feel organic. I mean the dragon’s a fucking tsundere. The main character is very typical of what you’d expect an Isekai protagonist to be like. And the composition is wholly uncaring of dramatic situations. Instead portraying them in a light manner. As if saying “eh! Who cares? Just have fun with it and don’t think about it too hard”.

Absolutely abhorrent… Tune in next week for the 2nd episode! Hahahaha-hyuk!


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