Feels like things happened for the sake of it. And, like, nothing really happened at the same time… Little slime boy, “Rimuru” devoured the tsundere dragon. Because why not? Though, i’m not gonna hassle this point much further because it did want to be devoured because it would be “boring” to stay trapped behind the imprisonment spell (skill?). But I would’ve preferred if it was presented in a way that he had to be devoured because he was going to die eventually. Granted, they did make this point. it just didn’t feel like the driving force for why he was devoured. I think this was presented in such a way that it felt more light-hearted than serious. Because “serious” is not what it is going for. However, if it is not taking itself seriously… Then, I have no reason to take it seriously. Also, I don’t fully understand why Alexa didn’t tell Rimuru that he got new skills once he devoured the dragon? He obviously did. Like, that’s how this has worked thus far. Why not this time? Seems like an unrealistic way to set up the inevitable showing of Rimuru’s dragonic abilities. We know it is going to happen. Dude’s gonna be shooting purple lightning out of his mouth in no time. 

So! Rimuru hops around the cave for about a month devouring every exotic creature he comes across as well as the resources within. Nothing new, basically. He encounters a goblin village in dire need of help and he decides to help them. But it ends on a cliffhanger. Great… Well, 2 episode and this is exactly what I expected, if not, worse. Unengaging, mass-produced Isekai show with 1 small appeal that, at the end of the day, amounts to nothing. That’s about it. If this trend persists where I essentially cannot say anything about the show because it has nothing to talk about I will probably end up dropping it. We’ll see next week.


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