I My Me Strawberry Eggs! – The Anime About Sexism

Wanna let everyone know that as I am writing this I see the clock is 4:20, so, if you have weed you’d best be smokin’ it! Anyways, Strawberry is about a dude who is a teacher who wants to teach in this one prestigious school because it happens to be close by. He ends up being rejected because the principal hates men. But has to pay his rent… So, instead of looking for a job elsewhere he ends up trying to get back at the principle by posing as a women and working at their school under that disguise. With the help of his landlady who I am convinced is omnipotent. Simply because she’s always there to get the protagonist out of bad situations. No matter what.

I have to admit I do not particularly care about the characters because their motivations speak for themselves. It is mainly a high school romance anime, if anything. One girl likes another guy. That guy likes someone else who happens to be the main girl that likes her teacher who happens to be our protagonist hiding in plain sight posing as a female. There’s a bit of drama but they get over it once they hear the teacher is actually a man. Well, kind of a lie. They’re disgusted because he posed as a women and that seems exactly like something a pervert would do. But the students remember the experience they had with him and realized that everything he did was for their sake. 

So, let’s get to the real stuff. The whole dialogue about sexism is handled very poorly. Simply because they do it in such a broad manner there is no real room for fine detail. I do believe there are people in this world who are dumb enough to look at men as nothing more than pervert beasts. But even more ridiculous is how those people; in this case the principle are ruling that girls must dress themselves in such a way that deforms to the appeal of men. Not only are they having an awfully false picture of men representation but they are subjected to wear clothing that puts them off? This almost seems like a dictatorship. But I guess it would be more fitting to call it a cult following? I would disagree! Because there are still boys who attend this school and while there are no male teachers (aside for our dear protagonist hiding among them) all males who attend this school are forced to do all the manual labor despite the school having hired a cleaning committee under their payroll.

In other words, the boys are forced to clean the bathrooms, home rooms, pools and pick up garbage outside n’ burn them. Maybe not quite a dictatorship since the male students can simply enroll in a different school but the idea’s still there considering that you have to put up with these obligations during your tenure. With all this said, I don’t think there’s even much to discuss. Not only do I not care about something as political as this by default but the argument, in this case, is so one-sided and blatantly terrible that it is pretty much a given. “Yeah. The principal is a terrible person for thinking this way. No other way to look at it” was my initial reaction and it ended just the same. I’d say there is objectively no room for discussion. So, really it just feels like a bad show trying to talk about something but describing it in a way that is obviously wrong doesn’t say anything. That’s all I have to say. 


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