Sword Art Online: Alicization Pre-show -Episode 2 Analysis

I don’t know how anyone ever does these episodic reviews where nothing happens and they still have something to talk about. It is impossible! I don’t mean that “literally”  nothing happens. I fear some people might make that misconception. Granted, it is probably my fault with the way I’ve constructed my dialect it seems I am favoring simplistic humor over clarification. At the same time, I do try to make every point as clear as possible so if it feels like something isn’t then do let me know.

Regardless, I thought this episode was uneventful. It does a lot of backtracking as in it re-introduces Kirito’s dream world as he is finally more consciously present within it. It ‘axes’ in the point that this is not a virtual world. Even though the “demon tree” has a profile ID that lists the status and HP of the tree. I guess SAO:Alicization is as sexually confused as I am when I am watching J-Drama. Not to say that I am gay but my dick is. So, there’s conflict. Nevertheless, SAO has not impressed me. Lack of Asuna. Lack of interesting characterization. Oh! Eugeo is a Kirito-lookin’ guy who’s “calling” is to chop on a tree for his entire life. Seemingly devoid of human thought he follows this silly calling of his. Okay, look… I don’t mind stupid characters. Like, they’re fine. It is at a point where someone’s so unbelievably dumb that I cannot buy into it. I’m just not gonna buy it. And to see Kirito encounter such a dumb person without so much as reacting to how absolutely, horrendously dumb he is. It is so inorganic I don’t feel like i’m watching actual people interacting. 

That’s it, right? That was the highlight of the whole episode for me. Although, did SAO just become a full-fledged Isekai? Is that a thing that just happened or am I living in a sadistic world? …Did my life become an Isekai..? All sorts of mind-blowing revelations are happening and you’ll ONLY get these here… On Jestermonocle.wordpress.com! 


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