Radiant Pre-show – Episode 3 Analysis

I enjoyed this episode of Radiant. I… Don’t feel like it was worth my time which probably doesn’t make it sound very good. Truth is it probably isn’t. Like, the recap problem still exists. Feels like it is progressing ever so slowly. But I specifically enjoy the qualities shown. I like Alma and Seth’s backstory and all the ambiguities that come with it. In fact, I like the whole mystery surrounding the show. It’s exciting to have a reason to stick around and watch those mysteries unfold. I will say it is a double-edged sword. Because the attraction of these mysteries are entirely dependent on the viewer being invested in the characters. After all, nobody’s gonna care about whether or not Alma is Seth’s biological Mother if they don’t care about either of them at all. Unfortunately, I don’t feel they’ve given much reason for us to invest ourselves into the characters.

I mean we don’t know much about them besides the fact that they’re sorcerers and the connotations that come with that. In addition their personalities are pretty derivative of shounen characters. Alma’s a strict, protective and stand-off mentor that tutors the bratty, thick-headed protagonist. There are minute intricacies behind them. Like how Seth isn’t that scared to show his crying face in front of Alma. Which would normally be the case for his personality type. The way he analyzes the situation seems more rational, as well. It doesn’t feel like he outright disregards one side or another. But neither of them have defined qualities or interests that make them feel particularly interesting.

I, myself, am not necessarily invested in them but I am ‘sympathetic’ towards them. Mainly because I am interested in their past. It might be a short hook that ends the moment I find something incredibly flawed with the show but it’s the best I have at the moment. If I had any last gripes it is that I wish the animation was better. It’s just lackluster at all points. Also, Meile or whatever her name is has not debuted. Which is pretty unacceptable! But I really wanna see her so I’ll trudge along. Hopefully worth it.


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