I do find a positive in repeating myself. That being that I can slowly generalize my words in order to clarify the whole point of them. Not that you shouldn’t already understand what I’ve said before. I think I’ve been pretty clear. But I don’t feel the need to meticulously specify what’s wrong in each scene of every episode. That said, here are the problems I have this episode and with the anime as a whole:

  • I don’t like how every scene is intended to have cheap, light-hearted humor and not take itself seriously enough to tell a decent story. (ex: Rimura riding on the back of his tempest wolf; telling it to not push itself because it was going too fast. Only for it to decide to go faster).
  • Unacceptably slow pacing. (Though, it is ironically faster than shows like Goblin Slayer and SAO: Alicization. Both anime wanting to take its setting a little more seriously).
  • The overall construction of it. I’ve talked about how the show doesn’t follow its own logic in a lot of cases! The way it sets up a variable and, at first, insists that it works this way then decides that it works a completely different way in order to move the plot in a direction that they want despite it feeling wholly unnatural. I’ll use a gaming analogy since that is what this anime wants to be so badly: It is like presenting a game mechanic that they tell you works one way but when put into practice ends up working in the opposite way. See how backwards that sounds? That’s how I feel whenever Slime does almost anything! It gives me whiplash, to be honest.
  • It just looks bad. I mean visually; it looks terrible. I watch the OP every time not because I like the song. The song sounds pretty generic! I watch the video because, visually, it is animated quite beautifully! It’s kind of subtle but it also isn’t. I noticed this, as well, with SAO: Alicization there’s some parts of it that is animated amazingly! But when watching the episode itself it is clear there’s less quality in terms of animation. Like I said in the last episode analysis there is one moment that I thought stood out visually and that was the time Rimura used Water Slash to behead the dire wolves leader. By far the best scene this anime has to offer. However, that was one scene in 4 episodes… 

To wrap: these are all qualities of an obviously low effort, mass-produced product that they think people will eat up and, unfortunately, are right. I mean it wouldn’t be a popular trend if it didn’t work. So… This is exactly what I want to stop. I don’t wanna see anime like this that are done with no attention to detail or thought. This is essentially like microtransactions in so far that it is a cheap n’ easy cashgrab. I don’t like it. We live in a society… A terrible, terrible society.


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