Goblin Slayer Pre-Show – Episode 4 Analysis *DROPPED*

Okay, so when I say “dropped” I don’t necessarily mean I’ll be dropping it. Like, I think i’m gonna finish it because I feel an unnecessary obligation to complete the show I’ll be talking extensively about in a video. But i’m done writing about it after this. I’m hoping I can just finish the video i’m making right now and churn out a quick video about Goblin Slayer n’ that’s it. I move on from this travesty and onto other travesties. I still gotta talk about Slime, after all. 

Anyways, the episode was not worse than the others. But it wasn’t any better. Story of my life, right? One positive: I like the dragon. At least, I like his spells. He can summon a “dragontooth warrior” to do his bidding. I wonder what the limitations are on it, though. There doesn’t seem to be a tether range because he summons 1 to take a rape victim back to the city. At the same time, he summons a 2nd one later on. So, he can have at least 2 up at the same time. The distance doesn’t matter; it can go as far away from its summoner as it wants. And it doesn’t seem like it is under a timer since it apparently lasts long enough to run back to the city which our bustling band of adventurers traveled by caravan from to get to where they are now so it must be quite far and, therefore, has a long duration. Seems a little overpowered but, then again, it doesn’t seem that strong in combat. If I had to guess it is probably not intended to be used as such. The dragon sorcerer doesn’t participate in combat as much as the other adventurers until the orc comes along and he has to participate. But other than that, he seems to take on a support/tank role. 

Everyone else is either boring or obnoxious. Especially the elf girl who’s so shocked at the sight of seeing a rape victim that she barfs. Like, what did you expect? Have you not fought goblins before? Sliver-ranked, by the way! Like, I don’t understand how this world works. Aren’t goblins the go-to for beginners? Surely she’s fought them before. So, I just don’t understand. Even if she, somehow, skipped out on fighting goblins and ranked up through other monsters then, surely, she would’ve seen even worse shit by now. This show is so tunneled on making goblins seem like the most disgusting creatures in existence it forgets it has a world filled to the brim with many other more dangerous, more sadistic monsters that are worse in every way compared to goblins. They even use an Orc as the leader of this goblin nest! 

Speaking of rape; this show loves mentioning rape. Like, it’s not even discussing rape necessarily it just wants to keep insinuating it has rape to ensure you that it is as edgy as it can possibly be without going to the lengths to actually depict its brutality. From episode 1 I’ve said that all Goblin Slayer will show is poorly drawn blood squirts. And insinuate but not show rape. Granted, the rape victim in this episode had a few deep cuts on her left boob n’ stuff but it wasn’t too visceral or anything. But apparently gross enough for the elf to throw up so… I don’t know what to tell you. It’s all bad all over the place. So, yeah… That’s it for Goblin Slayer on the blog until I get the video out. Till then, cheers!


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