Radiant Pre-show – Episode 4 Analysis

I have to admit i’m starting to feel pretty underwhelmed with Radiant now as well. The episode wasn’t horrible it just wasn’t as exciting as I thought it’d be by this point. Melie was introduced and, y’know, she’s… An idiot. I… Expected characterization? It’s cool she has this split-personality thing going on but I gathered as much by the opening that she’d have a split personality. I just don’t like who she generally is. It feels like she was made to start shenanigans, ignore character growth and make the show, overall, seem that much more silly. I still love her design. In fact, design has really been Radiant’s main attraction. I like Doc’s weird airship. It looks like it came straight out of Megaman Legends. Doc, himself, unfortunately seems like a watered down Usopp from One Piece. I don’t care for him.

As far as the episode’s concerned; the exposition mattered more than what happened. Alma told Seth before he left apparently to go to a place called “Artemis” and visit some old n’ powerful sorcerer. I… Don’t understand why they couldn’t have just said this last episode. Maybe the recaps took up too much time, who knows! Other than that, it felt like a huge setup for a simply battle sequence to introduce various characters like Melie, Doc and Seth’s introduction to the inquisition captain. Which is all fair enough. But I couldn’t help but feel more could’ve been accomplished. Also, the way this was accomplished was sloppy and abrupt. I mean Seth’s just caught randomly by the inquistion. No real context about what happened other than “he was in the way”. 

That’s all I have to say. There wasn’t much to digest. Wherever they’re going with this I hope they get there quickly or put a little more density within their episodes. Make it feel a little more fulfilling. Whatever happense… Hopefully it’s for the better.


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