Yeah, genuinely a good episode. Not AMAZING. But, well, I don’t have anything really bad to say. Which is kind of, like, how it’s been for the last 4 episodes so this is a good breath of fresh air. I’m not really getting my hopes up, though. Because what made this episode “good” does not necessarily have much to do with Rimura and what seems to be the general idea of what Slime is going for. You see, it was an episode that centered around the history between Kaijin and Vesta. Both of which I am completely invested in!

They’re both interesting characters. Kaijin was Vesta’s captain back in the day and Vesta came from a noble lineage while Kaijin, his superior, came from a peasant Family. Vesta obviously holds a grudge because of that. Seeing that he comes from a noble Family he likely feels he deserves to be higher in the chain of command than one that came from peasantry. Now, I know how easy it is to dismiss someone so disagreeable and, for all intents and purpose, he is wrong. King Dwargo obviously thinks so. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the system in place to begin with. And King Dwargo’s opinion is really the only one that matters. But as someone on the outside looking in I feel there’s value in discussing Vesta’s point of view. 

For starters, he may not have been viable for the job of ‘captain’. Not more viable than Kaijin, at least. But assuming he was a good fit for the job and he was right about being better than Kaijin. Then, it would be appropriate to say that the king was favoring promoting peasants over nobles. The reason I even bring up this made-up timeline is because I do feel there is that kind of injustice in our own world. Where some people are genuinely better at certain things than others but they don’t get the recognition they deserve meanwhile those other people are booming with popularity. I’m not saying “be jealous of them”. But recognize that you are better; if you feel confident enough to say that. And work towards your goal without any funny business! Don’t be like Vesta, basically. Be like Kaijin; an honest, hard-working old man that paid his dues and got the job he rightfully deserves.

And yeah, Vesta– Probably my favorite character, so far. When I first saw his little rivalry with Kaijin I merely assumed he was some fancy pants who loved looking down on peasants like Kaijin and put him to do an unnecessary amount of work out of spite and arrogance. But he turned out to be a genuinely dense character. Not dense like “He’s dumb”… I mean dense, like, there’s a fair amount of substance to him; more so than the other characters. That’s good, that’s really good. Kaijin’s pretty cool, too. I don’t feel like he’ll be a particularly interesting character going forward. Because he’s a little stereotypical in the sense that he seems like a grouchy, tough old-man. But it’s not a terribly overdone character archetype so I’m not immediately put off by him and the story he shares with Vesta and King Dwargo was set up in such a way that assured me there will be a continuation to their story. What with Dwargo also exiling Vesta and sending an assassin to spy on Rimura. Vesta seemed pretty genuine regarding his loyalty to King Dwargo which is not something you see with his archetype too often, either. Someone like Vesta will typically be depicted as greedy. Wanting to overthrow the king and rule the kingdom themselves. 

So, all of that I am very intrigued by. Regarding Rimura, I still don’t care about him. I don’t care about his jokes, his attitude, his thought process or his slime design. His entire character is boring, unoriginal and terrible to me. Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of him this episode which is, in part, why I liked it so much. But I will give him this silver-lining: I watch the OP every time because I love the animation; I’ve explained this before. And seeing his “human” design I think it looks really cool. So, before I ever stop talking about Slime on the blog and then make a video about it I wanna see when he gets that metamorphosis. I wanna see how he transforms, not only literally, but metaphorically as a character when he has the ability to turn into a human. Lastly, King Dwargo– I don’t wanna say he’s a villain. But he’s seemingly skeptical of Rimura because, of course, he senses Rimura to have unbelievably great power. Even made the distinction between him and Veldora. Sending an assassin, even if only for reconnaissance, seems pretty rash of a decision. So, this tells me he has some sort of bleak history with Veldora. And he is pursuing it with a taste of vengeance. It is odd that nobody but him can sense this power. Even though a couple episodes ago Rimura devoured his own aura. It’s really unfortunate that this is the one glaring issue with this episode but… I am not gonna harp on it too much. 

It was a good episode with a blemish on the side. That’s all you need to know for this one. Episode 6 analysis comes out tomorrow. Sorry, I took a little bit of a break but I’ll have everything out ASAP!


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